April 4th, 2014


twists and turns and knots and gnarls. around every corner, you’ll find a curiosity… and in New York, you’ll find our tree!

next time you step foot in New York cast your eyes upon our very first boutique north of the equator. it’s a collision of the natural and the man-made world, a space created to capture the energy and spirit of the brand. the design centers around a monumental sculpture piece that organically weaves in and out of the space to create this feeling that you’re immersed in nature.

with the help of architect Kelvin Ho from Akin Creative, the vision came to life at our Broome St boutique.



rafted out of steel & fiberglass, the sculpture was covered in (wait for it…) t-shirts! resin-dipped layers of fabric straight off our backs. turning our flagship store into a glacial forest!

build a tree of tees… and they will come.

locate our stores

Posted by sass & bide

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